TEST DRIVES Demonstrate consumer qualities of a car. It takes place in the inner territory of the business park or in the adjacent parking of the business center.

Test drive advertising is organized as a promotional event with preliminary announcement among employees of business centers.

The recommended duration of the event at one venue is 3 to 5 days, according to the amount of signed participants. Usually about 3 cars are used for such events.

Key advantages of the format:

The shortest step to buying. Test drive - direct contact with the target audience, stimulating the purchase. This format provides the client with the opportunity not only to ask questions to consultants, see and touch the car, but most importantly - to test it in motion, i.e. get emotions. Experienced salespeople know how important emotions are in making purchasing decisions. Using the questionnaires, the organiser receives direct feedback and contacts of potential consumers.

Proper announcing guarantees high conversion. All other advertising forms can be used for it: Lightboxes, promotions showing cars, lift branding, qualified advice from salespeople.

Possibility to tell businesspeople about all the advantages of a car in a comfortable way. Business People rarely have enough time to visit  car showrooms but they can always take part in the event at the business park they work in. We place branded booths with dealers managers signing everyone willing to drive cars shown in the parking. At the appointed time the car is available to the client. The Dealer's representative accompanies the client during the ride.

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